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  • 01/13/19--04:33: Red zone

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  • 01/13/19--04:21: Sofia Blue Boobs
  • I bet you didn't even notice the speech bubble


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  • 01/13/19--05:42: UX14 Quick Cap 27.2

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  • 01/13/19--05:28: Gianna 1

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  • 01/13/19--04:30: Nude school girls

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  • 01/13/19--04:43: Look familiar

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  • 01/13/19--05:40: Emma Stone Headless 2

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  • 01/13/19--05:48: pierced topless

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    “Queen Mera, we are receiving an incoming transmission.” An Atlantian guard spoke as she rushed into the royal command center. Mera looked up from the controls and looked at her other officers.

    “Patch it through.” She spoke. One of her guards pressed a few buttons on their wrist, casing the monitor in front of Mera to disappear. The monitor was replaced by a water hologram of the king himself, Aquaman. Mera’s face shifted to look slightly more concerned.

    “Arthur, I told you to call me if there was an emergency. What’s going on?”

    “Sorry Mera,” Arthur began. “I wouldn’t have disturbed you if I didn’t have to. But, as I always say, Shit happens.”

    “Your the only king to use such a phrase, it’s not very quarterly of you. Why have you called me while you are on leave from Atlantis”

    “It’s about Diana. She’s dead”

    Mera felt her heart drop as processed the news of Diana’s death. Her guards looked at each other with a look of shear confusion. Mera couldn’t believe Diana had died out of nowhere.

    “What happened?” Mera asked.

    “The league is still looking into it. But we found her in a pretty bad condition last night. It was horrific Mera.” Aurthur spoke, looking directly at the ground. He paused for a second. “Her body wasn’t in tact. All we could find was her clothes. And even those weren’t in one piece. The street around her was also covered in a liquid...”

    “What did eyewitnesses say?”

    “People said they saw her next to a strange masked figure. It wasn’t right. People said she turned blue and then blew up like a balloon before she finally exploded all over the street.”

    “That’s horrific.” Mera said with a shaky tone in her voice. “What’s the league’s plan?”

    “We we’re contacted by three heroes from another dimension last night who’ve dealt with this “Blueberry Inflation” before. They said to keep in touch, they would know if anything like that happened again.”

    “Did you say Blueberry Inflation? Like...”

    “That candyman movie I was telling you about? Yeah, exactly like the girl from that. Man, you really need to get more versed in the surface world’s culture.”

    Mera glared at him with slight annoyance in her eyes. Aurthur’s smile faded.

    “Ok, all joking aside, you need to be careful Mera.” He spoke. “Intel shows is that the girl who caused Diana’s death hasn’t left our dimension yet. Your in danger of ending up just like her.”

    “I’ll be fine Arthur, I’m surrounded by Atlantis’s finest guard. If she walks in here, she’s gonna have to go through a war to get to me.”

    “Mera! Diana doesn’t go down without a fight. This girl overpowered one of the world’s greatest heroes within a matter of seconds. You have to be...”

    Mera’s transmission with Arthur was suddenly cut off as a red portal opened up in the entry way to the command center. Out stepped the same mysterious figure from before, dressed in the same dark clothing and face mask. All the guards rushed towards the figure, holding up theirs weapons ready to strike. Mera looked at the figure with anger and disgust.

    “Who are you!” She demanded.

    “I’m known only as a shadow. A false memory.” The figure began. “I do the dirty work, while the rest of the world forgets I exist. And I’ve come to balance the world.”

    “You are trespassing in Royal Atlantian Territory, stand down or we will be authorized to use lethal force.”

    “Listen, Queen Mera.” The figure began, looking into Mera’s eyes. “I don’t want any trouble here. I know these men and women have families. And I would really hate to kill all of them just because you refused to spend a few seconds with me. So if you ask them to stand down, they can all walk home.”

    “I don’t like threats from strangers. So like my King Arthur says: fuck off.”

    All the guards charged their weapons and pointed them at the head of the masked figure. The figure spun around, looking at the soldiers one by one. She stared at Mera once again.

    “Well, I warned you. But I still don’t wish to kill them. I only want you.”

    The figure lifted both her hands and used her magic to send all the guards in the room flying against the walls of the command center, incapacitating all of them instantly upon impact. Mera’s eyes glowed as she quickly forced a stream of water into the torso of the intruder. The figure tried to use her magic, but wasn’t fast enough to prevent the stream from colliding with her. She was sent flying into a wall, which she hit with a massive “Thud”.

    Mera’s eyes glowed brighter as she sent two water whips towards the figure, wrapping her in a tight bond she couldn’t break. As Mera shaped more of the surrounding water into a few spear heads, the figure managed to wiggle her hand free. The figure used her powers to send out a painful sonic blast towards Mera, causing her concentration to break. She covered her ears as the figure shot towards her with great speed.

    “Let’s take this outside.” the figure spoke as she ran Mera through the nearby glass. She lifted her arms once more, using a spell that wrapped Mera in a strange green glow. Mera attempted to use her powers, but it was useless. Whatever the figure was doing, she was cutting off her connection to the ocean. The figure levitated Mera in the water, staring at her the same way she had previously stared at Diana.

    “Well, at least you put up a better fight than that “Wonder Woman” of yours.”

    “What do you want!” Mera shouted.

    “Me? I don’t want much. I’m like you, Queen Mera. I want a safe world.”

    “By murdering the ones that protect it?” Mera spoke disgusted.”Your no better than the villains we fight” she spoke. The figure looked at her and started to raise her other hand.

    “I came her because your a big risk to our plans. Your one of the only people who can reverse the inflations I cause, and quite frankly, I can’t allow that.”

    The figures hand became enwrapped by a weird red glow, which she then shot at the defenseless Mera. Mera winced as the beam hit her, but was shocked to find nothing had happened to her because of it. She looked around confused.

    “Don’t look so happy, Queen. The spell I casted on you will cause you to burst once you hit the surface.”

    “But you made Diana blow up like a blueberry...” Mera began confused. Suddenly she felt her midsection begin pushing against her bodysuit, making her outfit tighter and tighter, she looked down to see that her body had began to expand at a alarming rate. Her eyes widened as she gripped her stomach, feeling the pressure inside her body beginning to force the rest of her outwards.

    “I know. That’s why I’m turning you into a balloon, Queen Mera”

    Mera let go of her stomach as she watched herself grow bigger and bigger. She felt her limbs slowly becoming stiffer and her skin becoming tight like a drumhead. Her body had become quite curvy in the last minute, forcing her limbs out to a “t pose shape”. As she expanded larger, she felt herself beginning to rise towards the surface. She looked around frantically at her ballooning figure, growing more worried the more she grew.

    “I couldn’t have let you reverse your own inflation! You must understand that. I know about your little “water manipulation”powers. It’s why I chose to eliminate you before everyone else.” She spoke. “But don’t worry, I hear Atlantis will still have a...”

    Out of nowhere, the figure was blasted by a powerful beam from behind. The figure was shot into a nearby statue, smashing into it with a loud “crash!” Sound. She turned around to see a girl who was lit up like a Christmas tree from head toe, glowing with a bright orange tinge. She wore a blue and red rubber suit, which also had gold detailing along the sides. The girl had something around her mouth and nose, most likely a breathing apparatus to make sure she couldn’t drown. The figure slowly picked herself up and chuckled at the sight of the new hero.

    “Oh Carol Danvers, you always were quick to engage with an enemy.” She spoke. “But your efforts are futile. Atlantis will loose their Queen one way or another.” The figure lifted her hands to cast some magic, but Carol just looked at her and shot an even more powerful beam directly into her torso. The figure flew back into a building this time, getting put further away from both Carol and Mera. She grunted and shot off towards them.

    “Queen Mera!” Carol said as she came face to face with her for the first time. Mera hadn’t gone fully round yet, but her physique had been drastically engorged into a puffy, bloated figure. Her stomach had extended very far in front of her, while the massive size of her boobs made it hard to see over her own body. All she could really see was a giant mountain of cleavage. Her arms and legs had puffed up to the point where she could no longer move them, making her immobile and helpless as she rose faster and faster.

    “Who the hell are you?” She asked. “And why have you come here?”

    “I was one of the people Arthur told you about. My hero name is Captain Marvel, but you can call me Carol if you want.”

    “Alright Carol. So what’s your plan? My sudden growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down whatsoever.”

    “Right. Well, my plan was...” she began. Suddenly, she was tackled by the mysterious figure and forced into a nearby building with another loud crash. After colliding with the building, Carol forced her knee into the figure’s stomach, before shooting her with another powerful blast.

    “Give me a second Mera!” She yelled as she shot out above her towards the mysterious figure. Carol wound up for a punch as she flew, hitting the stranger with all her strength once they collided again. The figure was sent back into the same building as before. The two grappled onto each other and began brawling.

    Mera had gone fully spherical by this point, her limbs being sucked into her ballooning body. Her head had gotten sucked in as well, but she still retained the ability to speak freely. The shear amount of air in her body caused her to shoot up like a rocket towards the surface, the distance between her and the waterline becoming shorter and shorter.

    “Carol! Help me!” She screamed. “Heeeeeelp! Somebody! Please! Heeeeeelp meeeeeee!”

    Carol looked up towards Mera, her eyes widening as she realized how little time she had to save her before she hit the surface. She kicked the figure as hard as she could, blasting her once again before shooting off for Mera. She tapped a new device on the side of her ear, opening a call to a powerful set of friends.

    “On my command, open a portal above me. We need to save Mera before she pops like Diana.” She looked behind to see the figure was hot on her tail, looking determined to take both her and Mera out at the same time. Her eyes widened.

    Carol landed on top of mera’s massive body, kneeling down on her back. Mera’s eyes darted left and right to try and see her, but her body was so large she couldn’t see much besides her own form.

    “Now!” Carol shouted with her hand on the communicator. Suddenly a blue portal opened above them, revealing a star filled galaxy that was surrounded by even more small portals. Carol and Mera were both surrounded by a strange green magic as the were lifted out of the water into the portal, which should have caused Mera to pop like a balloon. But there she was, in tact and no longer growing larger. The figure stopped and stared up at the portal shocked for a split second, growing furious that Mera was still alive despite touching the surface.

    “!” The figure screamed furiously. They shot up towards the open portal, but it shut before they could enter. The figure shot up above the water, breaching the surface violently. She bobbed in the water for a few seconds, angry that the second target she ever had got away. Especially after the flawless execution of Diana.

    “I hate that blonde bitch” she muttered.


    original body form created by the Infinitely more talented Raikobjaba. Original can be found here:…


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  • 01/13/19--04:16: Marina Orlova
  • Requested. Marina Vladimirovna Orlova is a Russian host of a popular YouTube channel, HotForWords and a corresponding website. In 2012 she started an online series of videos for a personal finance website where she explains the meaning of commonly used financial and economic terms.


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  • 01/13/19--05:43: Jerk's Fate
  • Another oldie from the brabound vault

    Kate just rolled her eyes "Ugh he turned out to be a class-A jerk"

    Stacey knew what Kate did to guys who she considered jerks "So he's..."

    "See for yourself" Kate grinned gesturing down to her chest. Nervously Stacey tugged at Kate's top to reveal a brand new bra. Kate had a knack for making them look good, Stacey had to admit, but she did feel empathy for these men trapped forever as clothing.

    "How do you think he feels?" Stacey asked

    "He feels great!" Kate replied, missing the point

    "No, I mena... how do you think he feels being your bra?"

    "Like I give a shit how he feels! You're not going soft on me, are you Stace?"

    "N-no" Stacey mumbled

    "Good, because I'm looking for a pair of panties to go with this guy, and I'd really hate for you to 'volunteer'"


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  • 01/13/19--04:45: meme time 8
  • Original art by :iconremarkk:
    I don't own this picture, but i thought its a perfect meme opportunity


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  • 01/13/19--05:37: Got You Good
  • Words
    "Come on, you have to admit I got you good" Cilla smiled as she lifted a leg clad in her transformed mentor. Ivy, the witch who had taught Cilla everything she knew had a habit of playing games with Cilla, changing her into humiliating things when Cilla was still a beginner. As she got more advanced, Ivy's tricks became more elaborate. Cilla had been planning this one for a while, she'd laid breadcrumbs for months until finally everything came together and the trap was sprung.

    Where was once stood a proud senior witch was a helpless pair of pantyhose. Cilla took great joy in slowly slipping Ivy onto her legs, realising that she could sense Ivy's rage she realised why Ivy did it so much. She felt like a Goddess. Unknown to Cilla however was that there was a part of Ivy that she couldn't hear. A part focusing on the counter curse that would get her out of this predicament. One she was human again, she would show Cilla exactly how well she had 'got her'. Until then she had to focus on still pretending to be mad, the shock on Cilla's face would be worth the effort...


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  • 01/13/19--01:15: Minigiantess

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  • 01/13/19--05:37: Cold Feet
  • Words
    OK, enough foreplay, time to see what you feel like on

    Uhh, I'm not sure about this

    Oh come on Colin, you asked for this! Don't get cold feet now

    Please don't say feet

    What did you think being a shoe would be like?

    I don't know, I didn't expect for this to feel so wrong. I'm not even breathing!

    That's because you're a shoe now, dear. Just fabric and rubber. Now I'm done debating with you and I'm putting you on

    B-but what if Matt finds out

    How's he going to find out? I doubt he takes close looks at my shoe closet. And besides he had his chance to help me with my transformation spells and he said no. I am glad you stepped in though.

    I just wish I didn't say shoe when you asked for suggestions

    Shut up now, shoe-boy


    That's better. If it' any consolation Pete, you feel fantastic. I've half a mind to keep you...


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  • 01/13/19--05:58: We Have Your Mom!!!
  • A free shot from your mom's kidnappers, don't worry she is very well, she is safe and you are not bored, and they will take care of her very lovingly, at least until the payment of the ransom or perhaps even after... :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 

    The original model photo is a © Dominic Wolfe
    Model: Shannon

    I hope you will enjoy it! :D (Big Grin) 


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  • 01/13/19--04:39: Air Suprise
  • Retro Trans Caledonian Airways stewardess suprised by a very naughty boy with a pocket camera, whilst in the middle of her "pre-flight checks". I suspect that spoiled brat will get his "comeuppance" later on after he's visited the flightdeck (an excuse to seperate him from his overindulgent parents). Perhaps the cabin crew will recruit him as a stewardess? I'm sure the gurls can throw together a spare uniform between them?


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    She must've felt something! 


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